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Welcome back man.

Whoa... So much better than the first one!

A couple parts with glitches here and there, but the animation for many of the parts were humorous and well done.

Much improved from the first collab!


Don't think I've seen too many 3-D animations in the portal, but we really should bring more of this medium to Newgrounds.

It's just a breath of fresh air... Thanks for this amazing delight Osuka.


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Super Upgrade...

Made my life.

Fun but too easy.

I literally ran through the game with nothing but a small bubble with secondary seekers attached to it. Still a great game though!

Great game.

Its addicting, and keeps your attention the entire time you play.
If only it was a bit longer...

Other than that, I'd say you got a pretty awesome game going here!

AwokerR responds:

Thank you, man!
The sequel will be longer :]

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Keep a version of this song without lyrics.
I do find that a lot of video game remixes are ruined with the sounds of voices.

I cannot understand why...

Wow, it's been a while since I've reviewed, but this one really needed it.

The rating for this is so low? Definitely one of the better remixes for this song.
I give you major props for this amazing piece. I only thought that the beginning wasn't as good as I thought... It feels like something was missing.... After that, everything else just fell in to perfection.

It definitely deserves to be up there.
4.45 / 5.00 (+ 0.040)

AvizuraNG responds:

Thank you ikool!
The beginnning was supposed to sound like an evil maniac playing the piano in his lair
Thank you very much!

It was the name which pulled me in first...

I listened to it for a while, and I just love the beat.

I really wanted to give this song an 8/10... but I realized there wasn't really anything I didn't like. For some reason, I just wanted to find flaws, but they were missing.

It was definitely worth the listen and download.


auriplane responds:

Oh, I never thanked you for your review! Well, here I am, typing thank you three quarters of a year later :-) Thank you!

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Reminds me of back in the day.
Good stuff.

As a Nintendo fanboy...

I hate it. As a Newgrounder, AWESOMESAUCE!

Good art but I think it lacks shading. Good job.

The lighting...

Just gives off such an evil aura to the character. I love how the head and arms look a little separated from the body. The only reason this is a 9 though is because of the background....

In what seems to be a shady Newgrounds office, it makes the demonic part of this p-bot seem less scary and more natural, thus taking away from his harsh presence. If the location was a scrapyard or alleyway, the picture would be just perfect.

MindChamber responds:

good call. in motion tho, this sequence is a bit scarier

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