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Major Inspiration Problems...

2008-08-28 17:50:26 by ikool

There are many things that piss me off, but losing my animations are probably to worst of them all...

To see all the work you have created burn down to ashes sucks.

And once again, my computer crashed with all my SMRPG2 P2 stuff...

I'm not sure if I should if I should continue with the series anymore seeing as it continually dies in my face...

If there are enough people that want the series to continue, then I'll do it.
If not, I'll start work on something else.


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2008-08-28 18:58:40

Games !


2008-08-30 05:43:00

dont stop making flash your flash is awsome

post your comp specs maby your computer needs a new HDD or more ram


2008-09-07 21:51:00

I know how much does it suck